Chemical Waste Collection Services

Do you have chemical wastes to dispose of?

We here at King Mariot Medical Equipment offer quick effective solutions in collection, transportation and storage of your chemical waste, before it is exported for safe disposal.

 We keep records of:

  • The hazardous wastes we collect and deal with
  • What sites they are stored in
  • How it was transported
  • How it was treated before disposal

We make sure that hazardous wastes are being stored safely by:

  • Storing them in sealed waterproof containers
  • Implementing a clear labeling system
  • Displaying written instructions for storage and disposal 
  • Separating different types of wastes 
  • Dedicating specific areas for liquid hazardous wastes, with barriers to contain leaks.
  • Conducting regular checkups for leaky or deteriorating containers as well as other potential risks
  • Conducting risk assessments frequently to guarantee the safety of our environment. 

Contact us now to allow us to safely manage and dispose of your chemical wastes.