4-Tube Manual Hand Driven Centrifuge Kit

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  • Included: 4-Tube Manual Hand Driven Centrifuge Kit + 4pcs Graduated 15ml Test Tubes + 4pcs Test Tube Holder.
  • 4 Tubes, Single speed, hand driven machine consisting of a substantial cast iron body with removable crank handle and one thumb screw clamp to clamp the machine to a table.
  • Simply clamp the centrifuge to a bench, tail gate or just about any solid surface and turn by hand.
  • The manual powered self-lubricating gear makes this centrifuge virtually maintenance free while generating a max RPM of 3,000 and a max RCF (G-FORCE) of 1,298 (conical).
  • Designed for use in professional laboratories and is an ideal choice for classroom and school use.

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