Advanced Spectrometer

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✅The 175 mm diam. scale is fixed.
✅The table and telescope movements are completely independent of each other and read to 30 seconds of arc by means of double ended verniers and magnifiers.
✅Both rotations have fine adjustment screws. Coarse adjustments can also be made by release of clamping screw.
✅Collimator is mounted on a fixed pillar and is fitted with 175 mm fl. Achromatic objective with 32 mm clear aperture and a laterally adjustable slit 6 mm long.
✅Both the telescope and collimator have rack and pinion focusing and can be adjusted for leveling the axes of both units as well as for adjusting to the axis of rotation.
✅Complete with prism clamp, diffraction grating holder and a Tommy bar for adjusting optical axis.

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