Barometer Aneroid

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✅Provides constant air pressure for linear air tracks
✅Adjustable blower speed, 1.45 psi
✅Low noise levels won't overpower lectures
✅Includes air hose measuring 5ft long x 1.25” diameter
✅Compact design stows under table or bench
✅This blower is specifically designed for laboratory use. It provides a constant 1.45 psi
of pressure at less than 60 decibels of noise, so it won’t overpower your lecture.
✅Compact design stows neatly under a table or lab bench. Includes tube, power cord and on/off switch.
✅Blower speed is adjustable, with a maximum output of 6kPa. Consumes 500W.
✅Ideal for use with the Eisco Linear Air Track (part no. PH0362). 110V AC.
✅Size of body: 9" x 13" x 13".
✅Air hose size: 5ft long x 1.25” diameter.

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