DNA Molecular Anatomy Model

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  • This 22-layer/11-layer model (two complete turns of the double helix) is designed for self-assembly, with the double helix structure becoming self-evident as the model is constructed.
  • Components include color coded bases (G, C, A and T), deoxyribose and phosphate groups.
  • Structural details include the major groove-minor groove of the double helix, and correct representation of the hydrogen bonds between the bases, G+C and A+T.
  • The model may be assembled on the stand for display or laid flat for a demonstration of unzipping and replication.
  • It is also possible to combine this DNA model with an RNA model to explain transcription and protein synthesis.
  • Premium Quality: 100% Anatomically correct, this anatomy model is hand-painted and assembled with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Perfect for the doctor's office, anatomy classroom, or study aid.
  • If you need custom order with different sizes/design, please contact us.
  • Safely Packaged to avoid being damaged during transportation. If received broken, please provide the image to receive instant refund.

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