GEO-logic Hardness Set

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A Complete Kit to Communicate the Concept of Hardness in Minerals

  • Developed jointly by experienced educators and Ward's® staff geologists.
  • Classroom tested for dependability.
  • Designed to save valuable planning and preparation time.
Students will understand the differences in mineral composition when they use our GEO-logic set to investigate variations in mineral hardness. A teacher's guide and student copy masters are included for the following activities: relative scale of hardness, significance of hardness, and procedure for establishing hardness. The set is housed in a compartmented collection box.

GEO-logic is a unique, comprehensive series of teaching collections designed to assist both teacher and student in understanding basic earth science concepts through hands-on activities and carefully prepared teacher and student guides.

The GEO-logic system provides a modular approach to teaching and allows you to address broad curriculum needs for the study of minerals and rocks; natural resources and energy; and fossils and earth history. The three types of GEO-logic teaching collections include:
  • A Reference Set, which provides an overview of all topics and comes with a teacher’s guide.
  • Topic Sets, which provide greater depth in an individual subject area and include both a teacher’s guide and student copy masters.
  • Classroom Bundles, which provide 15 bulk-packaged samples included in the reference or topic set and 15 sets of any required testing materials included with the corresponding set.
*Classroom Bundles are bulk-packaged and do not include display boxes, or teacher/student activity guides.

  • If you need custom order with different sizes/ design, please contact us.
  • Safely Packaged to avoid being damaged during transportation.
  • Contents:
    • 9 individually numbered samples, 1×2"
    • Streak plate
    • Magnifier
    • Copper strip
    • Glass plate
    • Nail
Minerals: apatite, calcite, corundum, fluorite, microcline, quartz, selenite, talc, topaz

Caution: Due to the nature of this product it may contain asbestos.

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