Geoboard Set of Two

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  • TEACH EARLY STEAM -- Geo boards are a great way to teach spatial and mathematic concepts visually and practically. Show how triangles, squares and pentagons relate and how their shapes affect their area.
  • A FUN LEARNING ACTIVITY -- Children love to create their own colorful shapes with these learning boards. How many shapes can they make in three minutes? What is the largest pentagon they can create? A perfect activity for the home or classroom.
  • VERSATILE -- Use four geoboards to create a coordinate pegboard where each of the 4 quadrants on the x and y axes are represented by a different color rubber band.
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING -- Geoboards are a powerful learning resource for every child. They can be used to create most 2D shapes and then can be split or divided to represent fractions or new shapes.
  • DEVELOP BETTER HAND CONTROL -- Help kids continue to develop fine motor control by encouraging the use of these Geoboards. They are an excellent toy for preschoolers and learning resource for elementary-aged children.

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