Optical Bench Wooden

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  • This 1.5M wooden Optical Bench offers a cost-effective alternative to metal optical benches.
  • It consists of a wooden baseboard measuring 1.6M x 140mm, with a 1.5m scale divided in mm, plus 6 sliding molded bases (100mm x 50mm each) with index line, brass pillar and locking screw.
  • The following accessories are included:
    • 1 x 12V, 24W S.B.C projection lamp with lead and 4mm plugs.
    • 1 x white metal object screen, 75mm in diameter, with gauze.
    • 1 x holder for lenses, 38mm diameter.
    • 1 x white metal receiving screen, 100mm x 75mm, with a slot for squared paper screen on the reverse.
    • 1 x object needle mounted in 6mm brass rod.
    • 1 x Plane mirror in a metal frame, 100mm x 75mm.
  • Each of the accessories is mounted on a 6mm brass rod which fits into the stands giving an optical height of 125mm above the base board.
  • A power supply unit is required for the projection lamp (B8G85458 or similar).
  • The projection lamp is available to purchase separately (B8H76580).
  • Replacement bulb for projection lamp is also available as a spare (B8A56820).
  • Premium Quality: Optical Bench Wooden is made of high-grade construction all the way through, excellent build quality and proven reliability across the range.
  • Designed for use in professional laboratories but is an ideal choice for science classrooms and household use.
  • If you need custom order with different sizes/ design, please contact us.

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