Photoelectric Effect Demo

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  • It is a more useful instrument for research the rule of photoelectric effect:
  • Electrons inside an object will escape to the surface immediately when light irradiates on it.
  • Initial kinetic energy of the escaping electrons has nothing to do with intensity of light but increased along with increment of light frequency.
  • Saturation current is positively rated to intensity of light.
  • The instrument can also determine the stopping potential and qualitative analysis the Planck's constant (h=6.62619x l034 J.S).
  • Specification:
    • Color Filter: 700nm, 635nm, 500nm, 460nm, black plate.
    • Anode Current of X-rays Tube: 2mA.
    • Sensitive Component: vacuum phototube.
    • Light Source: 12V/20W incandescent lamp.
  • Premium Quality: Photo-Electric Effect Demo is made of high-grade construction all the way through, excellent build quality and proven reliability across the range.
  • Designed for use in professional laboratories but is an ideal choice for science classrooms and household use.
  • If you need custom order with different sizes/ design, please contact us.

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