Potometer Apparatus | Transpiration Measurement Tool | Wooden Base

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  • Accurate Transpiration Measurement: The Potometer Apparatus is designed to measure the transpiration of water through a plant with precision and accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Kit: This kit includes a sturdy wooden base, a milky sheet panel, a glass capillary tube with a millimeter scale, a plastic syringe, and a three-way stop cock with connecting pipes, providing all the necessary components for transpiration experiments.
  • Versatile Functionality: The capillary tube can be connected to a cut shoot or a porous pot, allowing for measurements of both transpiration and humidity levels.
  • Easy-to-Use Design: The apparatus features a user-friendly design, with clear instructions included, making it suitable for students, educators, and researchers.
  • Durable and Reliable: Made with high-quality materials, including a strong backing plate and a robust capillary tube, this Potometer Apparatus is built to withstand frequent use in educational settings and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Note: The provided dimensions are: Overall - 155mm (width) x 165mm (height) x 60mm (length), Capillary tube - 120mm (length) x 1mm (bore).
  • If you need custom order with different sizes/design, please contact KingMariot.
  • Safely Packaged to avoid being damaged during transportation.

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