Simulated ABO and Rh Blood Typing Lab Activity Hematology Simulation Education Biology Medicine Group Learning

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✅Included: One bottle each of Simulated Blood: Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, Mr. Green, and Ms. Brown. Simulated anti-A serum, simulated anti-B serum, simulated anti-Rh serum, 48 blood-typing slides, 200 toothpicks, one package of microscope slides, one package of coverslips, a teacher's guide, and a student's copy master are also included.
✅Contains enough materials for twelve lab groups.
✅Perform the same tests hematologists use
✅Re-create ABO blood-typing techniques practiced in real labs.
✅Estimated Lab Time—Part A: 30 Minutes, Part B: 20 Minutes.
✅Students Employ the Concepts of Structures and Properties (LS1) and Heredity (LS3).
✅This kit aligns with all published National Standards. Pre and post-laboratory assessments and vocabulary words target specific Science and Engineering Practices and Common Core Standards.
✅Upon completion of this kit, students will have typed an unknown sample of blood. During this process, they employ the basic science framework concepts of Structures and Properties (LS1) and Heredity (LS3) to examine the risks of Rh incompatibilities and view simulated red and white blood cells under a microscope.

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