The Heart

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  • One of our most popular charts, The Heart features a large central image that shows the heart sitting on the diaphragm with the suggestion of the lungs and ribs behind it. Cutaways on the anterior wall of the heart show the interior structures. All features are clearly labeled.

  • Includes the following clearly labeled illustrations:
    • Anterior view
    • Posterior view
    • Detail of a section of heart wall
    • Heart valves
    • Coronary arteries
    • Thorax - showing the location of the heart.

  • Also included are the following diagrams and definitions:
    • The cardiac cycle
    • A-V valves of the heart
    • Blood pressure
    • Cardiac conduction

  • Available in the following versions:
    • 20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets.
    • 27" x 35" heavy paper

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