Tubs of Premium Ready-mix Poster Paint

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  • Set of 12
  • Ready-mix poster paint of the highest quality, in a range of 12 tubs of different colors. 25ml Per Tub.
  • It allows for the creation of opaque shadings and can be layered once it is completely dried.
  • The paint stroke is uniform with excellent results in brightness and intensity.
  • It can be used on different types of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, glass, terra-cotta, metal and plastic.
  • It can be fixed with varnish or other suitable product.
  • It can be used together with the entire water-based product range. Stains should be removed following the instructions provided.
  • Excellent for classroom projects and purposes, Group projects, educational purposes, laboratory demonstration.
  • If you need custom order with different sizes/design, please contact us.
  • Safely Packaged to avoid being damaged during transportation.

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